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  • 07 Aug 2020

Millions of students all around the world have faced a disruption in their education because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Educational institutions have not handled this extent of disturbance in generations but thanks to the advancement in the field of technology they have a choice and ability to help students continue learning even when the campus is not physically open to them.

Universities and schools want to keep the wheels of education churning and simultaneously provide a sense of positivity in a student’s life. They understand the importance of education and hence believe that learning should continue even in these difficult times by implementing creative measures if it cannot happen in person.

That's why they are turning to online education so that students can get access to best learning practices from trusted faculties and enjoy the benefits of other online learning resources. 

We understand that novel coronavirus disease spread has taken a toll on every aspect of your life but you can still be in control of your learning by taking your online classes seriously. This article will introduce you to 5 impeccable tips you can incorporate in your everyday schedule to thrive in this switch to the online classroom environment. 

Challenges associated with the concept of online classes

While virtual learning might be backed up by numerous advantages that make it an ideal choice for millions of students struggling to keep up with their learning in the present situation, it has its own challenges that a student has to deal with especially when he was enrolled in a regular on-campus program.

Even though the teachers are putting in the best of their efforts to design the best online classes for students it is important for the students to support them by being technologically proficient and decoding the learning material shared with them efficiently. 

The experts of My Assignment Help Au have shared below a list of some serious issues with online learning that often act as a hurdle in a student's way to complete his course successfully. 

  1. Struggle to adapt to the new environment.
  2. Technical and internet issues.
  3. Lack of computer literacy.
  4. Falling behind in the class because of the lack of self-motivation.
  5. Lack of time management skills. 

All the online classes are good news but at their initial stage, they are also a threat to several students out there. A drastic change in attitude and technological knowledge would help the students to develop confidence in being successful with this new trend. 

5 tips to swear by in order to grasp the most out of your online classes

With most educational institutions closed all around the world due to the pandemic situation, there has been a major transition in the education industry from on-campus teaching to online teaching.

Although several thinkers out there state that this is only a temporary shift, we think that Covid-19 has given rise to the new normal of regarding online education as mainstream  Just to make the online learning from your home a little more convenient, here are some tips by the experts of that can help you gain the most out of your online classes. 

Remember to stay connected

While you are on-campus it is as easy as falling off a log to find opportunities to resolve doubts or queries, form or join a study group, ask help from tutors, and have a chit chat with friends & classmates. These everyday activities help you to keep up with your program and stay connected with other people around you. You must have heard that humans are social animals and thus, staying connected with other people matters a lot to them.

With the introduction of online classes, it is the responsibility of a student to make immense efforts and stay connected with people who were always around him during the campus days.

He should reach out to his professors with questions, participate in online debates and discussions with his classmates, form or join an online study group, and keep in touch with his friends via email or phone calls or social media or text messages. 

If you have a specific structure for your online learning schedule remember to incorporate communications into it. Make use of sources like video chat or message boards as several teachers and professors are using them to stay connected with their students.

This will help you to stay engaged. Just because the situation has forced us to stay isolated doesn’t mean that you’ve to study alone. Maintaining regular contact with friends, professors, classmates, and family members will help you to stay motivated towards learning at this difficult time.

Discipline should be the key component of your everyday schedule

We all know that your room is not going to look like a campus but you are still in your school or college for some fixed hours of the day. Your program still requires you to be present in your class for that lesson, skim through the extra study material, conduct research for your assignment, and write exceptional projects to fetch the best grades.

Irrespective of your Presence or absence from the campus these elements still require your attention and because you are at your home, in a comfortable environment, there are a lot of chances that you will get distracted.

In order to stay focused and on track with all your academic activities with online classes, it is important for you to create a suitable study schedule just as you would have done if you were on campus. It is best suggested to use a calendar application to block in the time of your online classes. 

Always remember that mobile phones should be out of your reach while you are studying so that you are not tempted to constantly check the notifications or scroll through social media every 10 seconds. You can do that easily during your free time as you might have done during your campus classes. This approach will help you to get into the headspace required to focus on the classes and grasp the most out of this study session. 

Remember to be patient and kind on yourself

Keep in mind that you will always manage things better if you are a little patient. Your professors and mentors are doing their best and they are also new to this concept. Have you thought that they have just been given a stringent deadline to move their hard work of months to an online platform in just a week?

They might be so prone to classroom teaching that this all can seem alien to them. So do not just get frustrated if your program material is not engaging enough or is difficult to access. The professors and mentors are giving it their best shot.

They definitely want the students to succeed even in this difficult time and it is only going to be successful if both the parties, the professors as well as the students, support each other in all possible manners.

Apart from this, we understand that it is difficult to constantly be in front of a screen and focus on learning new things. Therefore, do not exert yourself out and take breaks almost every hour. All you have to focus on is your theory as practical is going to take a back seat for a while. Make the most out of what is in your control at the present, you never know you might discover some hidden talent. 

Remember to have a backup plan to cope up with the new normal

Since classes have taken an online route, your library is going to be digital as well. Remember that resources are still within your reach but just in a different form. Being flexible with all these alterations will help you to adjust with the changing environment more easily.

Do not panic when you lose your internet connection during an online class or if you are unable to sign up and get a job done. You anyhow need to submit your assignment; hence it is only better to have a backup option.

Download your course material as soon as you receive it so that you can even access them in the absence of the internet. Note down your professor’s email address or phone number in case of any emergency issue with your connection. 

Professors are also sharing resources in the form of YouTube videos, blogs, online logs but they might not really be very useful. It is always a better option to access the reading material shared by the professor as it can also be accessed offline easily. 

Time management is crucial

The benefit of the classroom environment is that you can easily rely on it to keep you updated about your position in the curriculum, approaching deadlines, and scheduled examinations. With the shift to online classes, a student might have to put up his own reminders.

Logging into your online classes regularly will allow you to confirm the upcoming deadlines for your assignments, examinations, and quizzes. Check your university email at least once a day so that you do not miss out on any important detail.

Once you have a clear idea of what exactly needs to be done, it is time to get organized and prepare an appropriate plan to finish the allotted work. Now that you have complete control over your time, you should think about learning in the best light and try to adhere to that plan. A great time management application can also help you to get things done on time.

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Good luck with your online classes. 

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