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Writing college essays is one of the few things that high school students fear the most.

5 Essentials of a Good College Essay

Whatever the reason, writing a college essay is a difficult undertaking that demands time, attention, and careful analysis. It pays to get started early, be ready to toss out versions that don't work, and allow yourself enough time to discuss your work with people who can offer you helpful input. As a result, the summer before senior year is an ideal time to start the process.

Getting Ready to Write a College Essay

"Those who fail to prepare to fail," says an adage. When you can avoid making a mess in the first place, why waste time and energy cleaning it up?

Getting Ready to Write a College Essay

  • Double-check that you comprehend the task. It's quite OK to seek clarification from your lecturer. Understanding what she wants is critical to your success.
  • Conduct research and jot out a rough plan as you go. Combine your research and basic outlining into a single phase. As you investigate, make info dump—a bulleted list of the subjects you wish to cover. As you proceed, include links to articles and citations so you can refer to them.
  • Make a plan for what you want to say. What will be your primary point or argument? Before you begin, you must be aware of the following facts. You must have one to make a point. It's time to arrange your info dump after you have a better perspective for your key point or argument.
  • Make a canonical, classic outline. Remove anything that isn't necessary and organize your plan according to the conventional framework.

Creating an Essay

Creating An Essay

You'll feel motivated and ready to write about all the amazing things your research (or your brainstorming method, if your essay demand is more personal) has discovered by the conclusion of the research and preparation phase. Make a rough draft with the help of College Essay Writing Help.

Introduction to a College Essay: What It Is and What It Isn't

Your introduction sets the tone for the rest of your essay. Consider it a fast roadmap that starts with a fascinating opening line goes over the topic and concepts you'll offer, and ends with a thesis statement.

Hook for opening

It's critical to pique your reader's interest right away. Take a look at some of the introductory lines from Stanford University's college entrance essays.

Your topic, ideas, or argument in a nutshell

The topic matter and arguments you aim to convey should be introduced in the first paragraph. They should provide context for the thesis statement you'll make after the introduction.

Statement of the Thesis

The conclusion of your introduction contains your thesis statement. The thesis statement for the Skyline College example is shown below. It expresses the essay's core thesis, which the author aims to argue for.

Statement of the Thesis


The issue is stated in the introduction, and the proof is presented in the body. Research might be used as evidence in an argumentative essay. It might be made up of the author's own experiences in more personal writing.

Put the body of the paper in a logical arrangement. Some chronological essays function effectively because the events are presented in the order they occurred in time. Argumentative essays are frequently assertive, beginning with the least significant ideas and progressing to the most crucial. This is when using Essay Writing Services might be beneficial for you, helping you attain a speedy academic service.

If your essay incorporates research, don't be afraid to make bold claims; make sure they're properly referenced.


You neatly sum everything up in your conclusion. Without repeating your thesis word for word, restate it straightforwardly. Give your reader something to ponder about or a takeaway. The decision of the Skyline College essay sample is as follows.

Here are five methods to help you get your creative juices flowing, uncover fantastic ideas, and put them on paper for a piece of writing that truly stands out in a sea of clichés: B+ Grades, A+ College Application.

Top 5 essentials of a good essay

Top 5 essentials of a good essay

1) Your essay should bring value to your application.

Your high school transcript and certified test results can only reveal so much information about you to an admissions officer. Even though they are only statistics, you are not one of them. The essay is your opportunity to demonstrate to the admissions committee what makes you special. While it may be tempting to narrate your entire narrative, remember that you have already provided details about your history and activities in your application. So, what else do you have to say? Some of the finest essays are about personal observations and events that, while seemingly trivial at the time, reveal your genuine personality. Are you still stumped? Here are some questions to help you ponder about what makes you special and interesting:

  • What is your most cherished accomplishment?
  • What do you believe you'll be doing, and where do you think you'll be in 10 years?
  • What has been the most difficult thing you've ever had to do?
2) In 650 words, don't take on more than you can handle.

Even the finest writers can't explain their entire life narrative in 650 words, so don't try! Although the word restriction for popular applications may appear restrictive, the objective is to present a concept or history succinctly and appealingly. Rather than boring your reader with every detail of your high school experience, concentrate on one aspect that exemplifies a bigger characteristic.

3) Demonstrate rather than tell.

This is an English class cliché for a reason: effective personal essays include details that allow the reader to feel as though she is accompanying the writer on a journey. Anyone can claim to be daring, but only one student could articulate the noises, visuals, thoughts, and feelings he had the first time he jumped out of an aeroplane. These details demonstrate to the reader that you are daring. They personalize and authenticate the essay.

4) In the initial paragraph, grab the reader's attention.

Most admissions officers examine upwards of 1,000 applications each year, so your essay must stand out amid the sea of other eligible high school students. I recommend starting your article with dynamic language in the present tense that transports the reader to another time and place. Consider your first paragraph as "setting the scene" for how you'll tell the remainder of your one-of-a-kind narrative. Your essay will likely be skimmed or overlooked if you don't capture your reader in the opening paragraph. Seeking the assistance of an essay help expert might help you grab the attention well.

5) Define your domain.

I told, your essay belongs to you It should include one-of-a-kind and personal information that only you know and can convey. Though the significance of this guideline may appear clear, most students who are new to writing essays on themselves find it quite challenging. How can you tell whether you've effectively designated your territory? "Would my good buddy be able to recognize that I authored this article if I dropped it on the street?" asks the writer. If you answered yes, the essay is written in your distinctive voice and is not generic in any way.

Why Should You Use MyAssignmentHelpAU To Write Your Essay

Why Should You Use MyAssignmentHelpAU To Write Your Essay

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