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  • 02 May 2019

Here in this post, we will be sharing some of the important Pestle Analysis examples which you can use it for your writing needs and help yourself avail the best of grades you are looking for in your respective marketing assignment. You can also take the assistance of our online assignment help service providers and avail complete understanding about it.

Below mentioned are few of the companies we have covered in the respective post, please take a look:

  • Uber
  • Adidas
  • Apple
  • Coca-Cola
  • Nike

We will help you understand the examples using these companies and if you have any kind of issues related to it you can always consider taking the help of online assignment help service providers.

Uber Pestle Analysis Example

Here in this section, we will be helping you understand the Uber pestle analysis.

Uber is a highly dominant cab service provider with lots of features and attributes related to its services. Yes, the customers like its easy accessibility and cool features where one can easily get to other place at very nominal rates and in quick time. But, yes there are a number of things which are causing very much complications in the form of minimum wages and banning at some places.

As per The Pestle Analysis let’s find out more about the company:

Political view:

  • Firstly, it is important that it makes its view clear about the driver's insurance
  • It must have a rule for minimum wages for the drivers.
  • It must also have a proper plan to deal with the bans on the Uber cabs in several places.

Economic view:

  • It is easily available
  • The charges are very affordable
  • It offers several job opportunities but the pay is not up to the mark.

Social view:

  • It is fully user-friendly
  • Very easy pickup and drop
  • Very smooth riding experience

Conclusion: it is a very prominent app cab service provider but, the controversies have surely brought its progress to halt.

Nike Pestle Analysis Example

Being one of the highly acclaimed US peas international company, it has been providing top-notch fashion accessories in the form of footwear, clothing and various other products.

Below mentioned is the complete Pestle analysis of Nike and this shows where it stands in the industry.

Political factor:

  • It must bring taxation and manufacturing rules of each and every country specifically into consideration.
  • It also must follow export and import laws very precisely.

Economic view:

  • It must have a good understanding of how to reach target customers with maximum benefits.
  • It must keep on providing the products to developing countries

Social impact:

  • Must make sure that the products are hygienic
  • The products must be designed for the health conscious people and for the athletes also.

Conclusion: Nike is a very reliable and highly acclaimed company but, it needs to focus more on the environment-friendly products which can be beneficial for the health-conscious people.

Coca-Cola Pestle Analysis Example

Coca-Cola is a highly proficient soft drink producer in this industry. It is highly acclaimed for providing a wide range of products to different countries worldwide. It is using advanced technology to provide top quality soft drinks like no one else in the business.

Below is the complete Pestle analysis example of Coca-Cola, read along:

Political view:

  • The company must acknowledge the FDA rules so that it can help people with appropriate beverages.
  • It must follow accounting, labor, internal marketing laws with perfection.

Economic view:

  • It must understand what customers are looking for.
  • Most of the income comes from the selling of soft drinks.
  • It also must focus on providing hygienic trends.

Social impact:

  • In the US, the company has come up with a number of Hygienic drinks.
  • But, it has to do the same in several other countries where it is providing its products.

Conclusion: The company must consider to operate in an area where there is not much water and help them with their Hygienic drinks.

Adidas Pestle analysis example

Adidas is one of the best in the business when it comes to providing sports accessories. Company is based in Germany and have inspired the number of customers worldwide.

Below mentioned is the Pestle analysis example of Adidas, take a look:

Political views:

  • The company must stop focusing on terrorism, war and several other nationalizing aspects.

Economic view:

  • The companies profit has been affected due to inflation, unemployment, taxation, per capita income and several other aspects.
  • It also must address the purchasing power of different consumers worldwide.

Social impact:

  • The shoes and Apparel designs provided by the company are exactly as per the latest trends and needs.
  • The accessories are always more focused on the different types of sports.
  • It is also important that it promotes its product in Islamic countries.

Conclusion: this shows how good the company is but if it does not follow the rules properly it might fall into legal trouble.

Apple Pestle Analysis Example

Apple is a highly renowned company known for providing smartphones, tablets, TVs and various other devices.

Below mentioned is the Pestle analysis example of Apple, read along:

Political view:

  • It is working in China but there are a lot of issues between the US and China government which might get their operation into trouble.
  • And yes operating in any other country might prove to be expensive.

Economical view:

  • If China enhances the labor cost it will automatically increase the cost of manufacturing.
  • The middle-class income decreases then it will surely hurt Apple’s market.

Social view:

  • It must promote its products in areas like Africa.
  • There are a number of black people who are against the devices because it’s too expensive

So, these are other examples which might help you for your preparation of pestle analysis assignment. You can also consider taking assistance from MyAssignmentHelpAu as they have been in this business from a long period of time and have assisted a number of students around the world. Hiring their services will help you have all types of assignments covered so, whether you are looking for management assignment help services or nursing assignment help services,  they will have it completed with perfection. Hire them now!

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