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  • 26 Mar 2018

College goers are exposed to a plethora of stressors during their academic years. No one is immune from stress, but the students are probably prone to it. Managing regular classes, adjusting to college environments, social pressures and piles of work gradually become a stress for students. Sometimes, this stress dissipates the student's mental ability and skills. Stress-related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and depression have become very common among college students. In extreme, due to so much pressure and mental burden, students even desire to end their lives. According to a very reliable Australian Bureau of Statistics released the statement that over the past five years, the average number of committing suicide has been increased to the sum of 2415. Australia is such a developed and high paced life country, the facts and figures are quite alarming and a topic of concern.

Here are 10 stress management tips for college students. Let's have a quick vision of it:

  • Lifestyle Management: Include healthy habits in your daily routine like eating nutrient-rich food, taking proper deep natural sleep and remaining physically active are some of the tips should incorporate into their daily routine. A healthy lifestyle is the only key to lowering the chances of generating stress-related concerns like obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
  • Avoid the consumption of drugs, alcohol and nicotine: Get to socialize, make friends, explore your adventuring skills and do love, but do not get addicted to drugs. The temporary booster like steroids marijuana comes with terrible negative effects, including weight gain or loss, dizziness, nausea, and other serious illnesses. Moreover, if you are a smoker, quit it now because European scientific research shows that nicotine consumption destroys serotonin's stress managing hormone.
  • Stay loyal to your passion: Indeed, you may have a very hectic schedule, but do not miss finding a small space for your passion or hobby. Pursue anything you are passionate about. It gives peace of mind and makes you feel comfortable and happy about your life. Spending some time with your passion or hobby is the best technique to release the stress build up in you. Hobbies keep you engaged and act as a stress buster.
  • Look for the right support like your parents and siblings: It is crucial to have a support system to give you the right advice. The family is the one who can emotionally and financially support you in your crisis. So, call up your parents, brother, sister and cousins and share all your views, problems and opinions. If it is possible at least visit your parents home.
  • Don't let the frequency of assignments collect on your desk: This point cannot be exaggerated. Majorly student suffers from stress due to upcoming deadlines of missing files, projects, incomplete notebooks and preparation for exams. These issues can be easily alleviated by being more organized and systematic. Adding on, the taller you grow piles of work on your desk, the higher your stress level will go. So, please don't allow piles to grow and manage the task by prioritizing things.
  • Try not to overburden yourself: Students usually enrol in many classes, extracurricular groups and part-time jobs. It's not easy to handle excessive tasks at one time. If you have signed up for several courses, don't hesitate to exclude one, and remember one thing no one can force you to organize a feast, events or other yard sales. Take good loving care of yourself to minimize the stress. Being expressive is the best way to lead a happy and stress-free life. Restrained emotions marshals' psychological stress. That's why it's always good to express your views, choices, opinions in front of your family and friends. If you are shy and not skilled verbally, try to keep journals or share your thoughts via social media.
  • Reshape your behaviour: Students who are judgemental, touchy, and short-tempered are most prone to stress, depression, anxiety and nervous breakdown. One of the best paths to lead a stress-free life is to keep your expectations to a minimum and be ready to accept new changes. Life does not always turn out the way you want it to. But it is always to adapt yourself to a new environment and be open to the sense of prospects. Apart from this, many students are so psychologically disturbed or depressed that they can't figure out their behaviour change. Seeking professional psychological help doesn't mean you are mentally sick or crazy. It is always good to overview third-party intercession for an objective view of things. A wide range of universities is indulging in providing counselling to their students.
  • Get in touch with your professors and lecturers: Your teachers have years of experience handling students, and they are very well aware of students' mentality. They know about the problems students suffer during their academic curriculum. If you are facing any issues or queries, go and talk to your teacher. They will help you out.
  • Practice stress-relieving techniques: There are countless relaxation techniques, students must try to get peace of mind and body. Some of the methodologies include positive thinking, meditation, therapy, massages and many more.
  • Socialize yourself: Going from school to college is a crucial breakthrough for your career. You may feel pressured and stressed. It's better to meet new people, make friends and involve yourself in good company. These are the best way to tackle stress.

Final Words- Stress Management tips for Collage Students

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