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  • 12 Dec 2019

Millennial refers to a person who is open-minded and self-driven. In today’s world, a millennial is a generation full of conscious entrepreneurs, feminists, foodies, environmental activities, etc. 

Blogs have become very common nowadays. Students are indulged in writing it on almost every incident they experience. From dating, parting to grades, college blogs have become interesting to everyone.

Out of all the above, the top 10 best student blogs of the millennial life are discussed as follows:

  1. Women of Color, in Solidarity

This blog was written by three student bloggers in whom one was a recent graduate. This blog is all about racism, sexism, body shaming, classism, and marginalization in any shape or form. This served as a very safe place for the women sharing their stories with the world. This blog inspired many of them to let go of their past and lead a happier life.

  1. College Tourist

This blog is all about students sharing their experience in traveling to different places in the world. They also shared several photos of theirs. This was a great website for students planning to travel to distant places all over the world. You can know the best place to travel along with the total amount required to be expended for it. 

  1. The Healthy Hangover

This blog was written by a final year student at the University of Brighton named James Wragg. This blog gave a detailed description of information on food. With complete recipes on each of them, this blog was very famous among students planning to save money on their food. The most famous of these were James’s smoky sweet potato wedges and sriracha mayonnaise and his anchovy & red jalapeño pizza.

  1. Student Minds

This website was generally for students suffering from mental illness. It shared real-life experiences faced by these students in interacting with people in other communities. The blogs written were of great help for students feeling stressed or homesick or struggling with any ongoing challenges of the university. Some of the best posts were Freshers’ Week for the Anxious Introvert and My Journey with Depression.

  1. Tiffany Imogen

This blog was written by Tiffany Francis. She completed her MA in English Literature at University College London. The blog was all about the natural world and the country in which she was living. 

  1. around the World

This blog was written by Sush a student of computer science at Cornell University. Her blogs were all about her rebellious attitudes toward her cultural background. Her blogs also shared her experiences at Cornell University. Students can get a lot of advice on personal development by reading it. 

  1. High Street Beauty Junkie

This blog was written to cover all the information from beauty to mental health. The author of the blog, Charli, shared her experience of suffering from an eating disorder, with photos of her holidays in Rhodes, Greece. 

  1. Jenn across the pond

The author of this blog was Jenn. He was a student of architecture and design at Miami University. His blogs were all about the information on architecture, foods and travel tips. This was a great reading experience for students studying abroad and looking to travel to distant places.

  1. Selam G. '18

The author of this blog was Selam. She was a student of robotics at MIT. Her blogs were all about her experience in being in a mixed-race in America, China, and Ethiopia. She adequately described her passion for mechanical engineering. She explained many real-life facts of communities having no water and also of places having very difficult access to it. 

  1. Jemimah Wei

The author of this blog was Jemimah James Wei. She was a graduate of Singapore. Her blogs were all about the beauty of Tokyo. She shared several images with a detailed description of fast foods, flights, and hotel accommodations. Her blogs also included several safety tips for foreigners visiting the city. 

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