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  • 06 May 2020

Without the knowledge of specific grammar rules, no one is able to make the perfect sentence. While some masses have the knowledge of grammar, but they do not know how to apply the rules on the sentence. This is the main reason for grammar mistakes.

It is an undeniable fact that Grammar is the backbone of English. It is the broadest subject to study. Unfortunately, masses are lacking in the grammar portion. If you want to become a writer, then you should have a right hand in grammar. The illegal use of Grammar may ruin your article. Sometimes for readers, it is difficult to understand your article. Here is the list of some common grammar mistakes that writers should avoid while writing an article.

Confusion related to similar words

Numerous words in English have identical pronunciation but different meanings. Most writers make this mistake while writing. Misusing them changes the whole purpose of the sentence.

Example 1:

Incorrect- She accepted the job offer. 

Correct- She accepted the job offer.

Example 2:

Incorrect- This firm is better than other firms.

Correct- This firm is better than other firms.

In the above example, the bold words have different meanings but the same pronunciation. The word, accept stands for to receive something while except means to exclude something. In addition to it, it is then used for comparison. Due to the misuse of the words, the sense is changed. When you feel some confusion among these types of words, then it is better to clear it.

Use of the wrong helping verbs-

According to the English rule, the helping verb depends on the subject. If the subject is singular, then the helping verb should be singular. The writer should avoid this common mistake during writing.

Example 1:

Incorrect- Coffee and Drinks are injurious for you.

Correct- Coffee and drinks are injurious for you.

Example 2:

Incorrect- We are doing lunch.

Correct- We are doing lunch.

The examples mentioned above clarify the concept of grammar rule. In the example, coffee and drinks are the subjects. It shows that the subject is plural. The helping verb must be are rather than is. Hence, the first is incorrect, and the second is correct.

Incorrect use of reflexive pronoun

Reflexive pronoun is defined as when a subject works for himself. The words or pronoun that ends with self or selves is also known as a reflexive pronoun. Some writers find the difficulty in using the reflexive pronoun.

Example 1:

Incorrect- John and myself constructed the hotel.

Correct- John and I constructed the hotel.

Example 2: He cooked the food himself.

It is clear from the example that when someone does the work for themselves, then you can use reflexive pronouns; otherwise, it is not needed.

Inappropriate use of Also, Too, and Even

These three are the conjunction with the same meaning. When a writer wants to give the variation in the sentences, then he uses these conjunctions. But, writers are not aware of the rules.

Example 1:

Incorrect- She is working in the firm also.

Correct- She is also working in the firm.

Example 2: 

Incorrect- Jack even wants to go for a walk.

Correct- Even Jack wants to go for a walk.

It also is used after the helping verb while even is used at the beginning of the sentence. Too is used at the end of punishment. Writers must know the rules of the conjunction.

Excessive use of passive voice

a perfect writer has the ability to express his idea transparently. So that reader did not face any difficulty while reading the blog or article. Unfortunately, writers use the passive voice to give the variation in the sentence. Somehow it is the most common mistake that the writers make.

John manufactured passive voice- The car.

Active Voice- John manufactured the car.

One can learn the things from the above example that an active voice gives a clear view as compared to the passive voice. It is better to write the sentence in the active voice. The passive voice messed up the whole content.

Inaccurate use of comma- The main purpose of a comma in the sentence is to join the two independent sentences. In addition to it, comma is used before the ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘yet’, ‘so’.

Example 1:

Incorrect- The match was over, but the crowd was against the decision.

Correct- The match was over, but the crowd was against the decision.

Example 2:

Incorrect- Yesterday it niece's birthday, so she organized the party.

Correct- yesterday, was her niece’s birthday, so she organized the party.

You should use the comma after the introductory words such as yes, well, and many more.

Use them for introducing any business- Whenever a writer writes about business, then he usually uses the word they. It is wrong as per the grammar rules. Business is not the plural. Therefore, it is illegal to use them.

Example 1:

Incorrect- Airtel has offices in Chandigarh and Faridabad. They offer the broadest range of services.

Correct- Airtel has offices in Chandigarh and Faridabad. It offers the broadest range of services.

Example 2: 

Incorrect- Firstcry is an online shopping portal. They provide all the basic things.

Correct- Firstcry is an online shopping portal. It provides all the necessary things.

Writers must know the difference between ‘they,' ‘this’ and ‘it.' This is used for both living and nonliving. It is used for only non living things.

Unnecessary use of ‘would’- Would is used in those sentences when someone expresses the views of the past, including the future in the present. For instance, John promised that he would help me.

Example 1:

Incorrect- Five things I wish I would have known.

Correct- Five things I wish I had known.


He promised the Ram; he would help him.

From the above sentence, it is clear that the things existed in the past but not exist in the present. Therefore instead of would past perfect is required.

Misuse of ‘A’ and ‘The’- Unfortunately, writers are not aware of the use of ‘a’ and ‘the.' Instead of 'The,' they use 'A.' On the other side, using 'A' in the place of 'The' is the common mistake found in the articles.

Example 1:

Incorrect- The test tube is the leading equipment of the lab.

Correct- A test tube is the leading equipment of the lab.

Example 2:   

Incorrect- A Taj Mahal is a beautiful monument. 

Correct- The Taj Mahal is a beautiful monument.

'The' is always used for definite things. When you have the proper knowledge of things, then you of 'the' is appropriate otherwise not. In the first example, one cannot be aware of the test tube, either it is small or not. Therefore, 'A' is used.


Wordiness is basically the stretching of the sentence. It shows that you have a lack of words or no appropriate sentences related to the topic. If you have something for the reader, then express the clear points instead of inflating the punishment.

Example 1:

Incorrect- There are numerous students who like singing and reading.

Correct- Many students like reading and singing.

Incorrect- It is the chair that is uncomfortable.

Correct- The chair is uncomfortable. 

Do not do the excessive use of 'that,' 'just,' 'who' in the sentence. Readers feel bored while reading the sentence. 

These above are the common mistakes that writers should avoid to enhance the quality of the sentence. Apart from it, there are numerous websites that offer the facility of grammar checking.

With the help of a website, you can correct your errors as well as spellings. The second thought strikes in the writer's mind that what about the punctuation. However, you do not need to worry about it. The grammar checker also corrects the punctuation in the article.

Even, it also gives the suggestion related to the synonyms of words like use rejuvenate instead of a refresh and many more. The grammar checker is the easiest method or the shortcut to make your content error-free. Some of the grammar checker apps demand a premium, while others are free. It is up to you which one you choose.

In the end, no one is perfect in this world. Every person makes mistakes in their life. However, I never stop learning. Learning from your mistakes is a simple step to gain success. When you examine your article in the grammar checker app, then check your errors carefully and work on it. You can also take the grammar classes to clear the concepts. Reading the article after writing is the best tip to know about your mistake.         

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