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  • 23 Dec 2019

Even though blogs are valuable sources of information, some of the readers still read them to kill time. Blogs are crucial sources of information and can give a lot of information about various spheres of life. We are extending you a list of these 10 blogs for you challenge the limitations of your mind.

  1. Study Hacks-

Ask a student and he’ll tell you how difficult studying is. Dealing with deadlines, completing piles of assignments, writing notes, research papers can be hard for teenagers and young adults. Given that you were a laid back person in high school this can be especially tough for you.

But, this can become possible for you if not easy to deal with your routine burdens, provided you have the right resources to study from. Study Hacks blog teaches students how to become more focused and productive, motivate themselves and prepare better for exams. It is a must-go-to spot for a university goer.

  1. College Dieting-

“For an individual to grow emotionally and mentally, a person must physically be healthy”. All of us are well aware of this and yet our bodily requirements are the first that we overlook in lieu of the growth of our brain. Maintaining a healthy diet becomes especially difficult in college hostels.

Students tend to become careless towards their physical health in the absence of their parents and not everyone is able to relish the mess food. The college dieting blog is especially targeted to those readers who struggle with it. It gently reminds you from time to time to take care of yourself.

  1. Dorm Delicious- 

Leaving the comforts of your beautiful and cosy rooms and moving to shabby and crowded dorms can appear like a personification of hell on earth.

This blog specifically targets the ones willing to make their dorms a nice and attractive place to live. They share the décor ideas of other students and are highly inspirational.

  1. Two Guys and Some iPads- 

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives now. It affects everything from our personal to professional life. But most of us struggle to understand how gadgets and technologies affect us.

This blog’s authors write about all the things that are technology-related, starting from new amazing apps and ending with more serious topics, like the impact of technology on education. 

  1. College Cures- 

Keeping the student as a center, this blog covers everything like every minute detail of your college, theme party ideas, career tips for post-graduation and jobs, relationship advice, minor life hacks, etc. The best thing about this blog is that it undertakes the human aspect of human life. 

  1. Thriving Writer-

Coping with massive amounts of writing assignments successfully is not a cup of tea for everyone. However, assignments are an inevitable part of student life.

 Thriving Writer blog can help you with that, offering some tips on writing different kinds of college papers, starting from simple essays and ending with dissertations. Moreover, if this still doesn’t help, you can order a paper from their team, saving some of your precious time and nerves.

  1. Broke Millenial-

College years are great but one shouldn’t forget about their future. You need to start planning it as early as you can. This blog was started by a college graduate who found herself in a very unpleasant financial situation after she finished college. She wanted to change that and to prevent others from following in her footsteps.

That’s why she offers a lot of financial lessons and budget planning advice, which are not only very useful but also fun and interesting to read. If you want to manage your finances more effectively, you should definitely check out this blog. 

  1. Fast Company-

It is another useful website for students who are planning their future. For a fresh graduate knowing how to sell themselves during a job interview is as important as getting good grades and having deep knowledge of their respective fields.

You have to know-how companies and businesses work in order to make the right impression. The Fast Company website can help you with that, providing you with tips on everything, starting with economics and ending with business innovations.

  1. Hack College-

College life can be confusing for a fresher. Most of the time they are not able to cope up with what goes on around them. While some learn things from someone else’s experience, others don’t. However, this doesn’t mean that all that’s left for you is to sit and wait for your own experience to come. Hack College website gives you the opportunity, providing a lot of personal stories about college life. Moreover, you can find a lot of useful tips about surviving college in the blog.

  1. Spelling it out blog-

The creator of this blog is a post-graduate student who wants to share his experience with others. He writes about how it was for him to transition from full-time work to full-time studying, talks a lot about his experience, and gives many tips and practical information for those who are planning to follow his example.

As you see, these blogs can help you with every aspect of your college life, starting from dealing with home assignments and educational processes and ending with healthy lifestyle tips and décor ideas.

Moreover, they allow you to find out more about what to expect from college as well as allow relating to other students. That’s why we recommend checking each of them out and then choosing the ones that seem the most appealing and useful to you.

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